The Friendly Bug You’ll Want To Get To Know

This article was originally written by Constance Weygandt

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There has been a lot of press on the dangers of twenty-first century diseases. Killer diseases which have been, in the past, effectively treated with antibiotics are showing resistance to these drugs. Probiotics or friendly bacteria are nature’s answer to the fight against an influx of harmful bacteria which lodges in our intestines. Here are some reasons to become familiar with probiotics.
Probiotics function as a second immune system. These are the friendly bacteria that turn milk into yogurt. Over three quarters of our immune cells reside in our intestines. Probiotics prevent pathogens from adhering to our intestinal walls. The first course of defense is to prevent harmful bacteria from taking hold in our bodies.
Probiotics are believed to produce natural antibodies. Beneficial bacteria, which naturally occurs in our bodies has been reduced , in this modern era, due to a host of factors. Antibiotics, while ridding the body of harmful bacteria, also reduces the beneficial bacteria in our bodies. Lately, there has been an overuse of antibiotics. Yeast infections, as Candida, also reduce the beneficial bacteria in our bodies. Excessive use of sugar, in our diets, is also a factor. Probiotics help to replace the natural occurring, beneficial bacteria in which we are deficient.
Probiotics aid in our digestion of food. Because of the chemical nature of our society, toxins found in our food and air need to removed from our bodies on a regular basis to insure good health. Studies have shown a link between toxicity and weight gain. Chemicals found in animals are absorbed into their body fat. Eating organic foods, as much as possible, helps to prevent toxins from entering our systems. It is not always practical to buy everything organic or to raise our own livestock and grow our own vegetables. Probiotics aid in removing toxins from our bodies.
In this twenty first century, where chemical additives have become the norm, it is a good idea to be educated on what this means for us. Eating yogurt or taking a supplement which contains probiotics is one way of removing toxins, which are a part of our environment. Probiotics help us to rebalance our bodies with naturally occurring friendly bacteria.