SLAS The Air Purifier’s Industry Favorite Four Letter Word

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Indoor air pollution can be downright nasty. Find out about the only four letter word you ever need to know when it comes to the air purifier industry.

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For those that have been travelling to their local department stores lately, you may have noticed (especially in the home and garden and hardware sections) a carrier of air purifying as well as air cleansing products on the shelves.

You may find yourself a bit bewildered at all the different brand names and functionalities of these various air purifiers. Well this article will hopefully clarify at least one major issue for you. Just what exactly is a HEPA air purifier?

The reason I am talking about HEPA purifiers as opposed to other cleaners is simple, it’s the upper echelon of purification benchmarks on the market. For starters, HEPA stands for High Efficiency Particulate Arrestor. Not too shabby right?

First let’s be clear, HEPA is not a company name, is is a standard of air filter that is used in various kinda of cleaning appliances including vacuums. They are widely accepted within the industry to be able to filter particles as small as .3 microns, as well as having an efficiency rating of ninety-nine point nine percent%.

These babies will be able to filter as well as remove the tiniest of elements ranging from dust, pollen, smoke, animal dander, and other allergy inducing nasties. HEPA tools are required for use by companies that remove asbestos in buildings, cleaning up toxic related spills, as well as for industry related pollution.

Not a bad track record I’d say. The basic process by which HEPA filters work is all the pollen in the air is trapped in the filter, while allowing only clean air to go back into the open. The more times air is “exchanged” (moves back and forth through your air purifier with HEPA filter) the cleaner the environment will become.

Usually a standard HEPA unit can efficiently clean one room at a time. As such, it’s advisable to have one unit in each room of your house (or at least the major ones like your bedroom, living room, and kitchen).