L2LL What Kind Of Decking Material Do You Like?  Get Composite Decking

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Whatever your preferences in decking, composite decking can fill them. Composite decking is extremely versatile.

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Decking material includes just about everything you can think of that could be used for a deck. Composite decking is a type of decking that is made from a combination of wood fibers or sawdust and plastic. If you prefer to use traditional lumber, 2 X 6 is the most common lumber used, but you can also get hardwood decking, such as Ipe, cedar and redwood. In the line of wood decking material, you can get #1 and #2. # 1 lumber is kiln-dried to help prevent warping, cupping and checking. #2 lumber is considered green or wet.
If you are not sure about the new composite decking material that you have heard so much about, just visit one of your local decking retailers to see what it looks like. You can also do a search online and do a comparison of composite decking material and the traditional wood for decking. You can also compare the manufacturers of this decking material to find the best product for your needs at the best price. Some of the popular manufacturers of composite decking include Trex, Choice Dek, Weatherbest, Eon, Ipe and GeoDeck.
The invention of composite decking material has reduced the amount of work that homeowners have with building and maintaining a deck around their homes. There are various types of decking material that will last for years and with which you have very low maintenance to keep it looking just as new as the day you installed it. When you do a comparison of composite decking materials, you will find that when you have a deck made of this material, the only work you will ever have to do with it is to hose it down for cleaning. No more painting, scraping or repairing rotten boards in the decking in the spring. Composite material is well able to withstand the elements of the weather.
A comparison of composite decking material also means you have to look at the prices of each brand. Some of the manufacturers have tile decking that just snaps together. Some of these tiles come in a hardwood pattern and by rotating them you can create an interesting decking design. All of the composite decking materials are colored through so there is very little if any fading. This decking material is also slip-resistant and the water drains through the mesh base.
Take a good look at the many types of decking material on the market when you want to install a new deck. Whether you choose to use composite decking material or not, you will have to build a wooden frame. All the instructions you need for installing the composite boards or tiles are included in the packages and you can easily complete a typical deck in a few hours. Why bother with decking material that you have to paint or stain, when you can use composite decking and then sit back and enjoy it?