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There is nothing more comforting than a old fashioned quilt to snuggle up under.

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There is nothing more comforting than an old fashioned quilt to snuggle up under. This is one of the fundamental things that people grow up with and it never seems to change. A quilt is a symbol of comfort and many times they are things that are passed down through the generations and it only serves to offer a level of comfort that we have all come to rely on. There is no reason why your baby should not have the same level of comfort. There are many places out there that are making quilts using a machine, called a quilting machine and these are not what you want. These are actually nothing more than comforters that can be found in any store for amazingly high prices. The quilts that you actually want are made by hand with the highest amount of stitches as possible, usually 6 to 10 per inch. This will insure that you are getting a high quality quilt that more resembles the ones that were made in the days of old. Quilts that are made with this type of process are of the highest quality with a good thread count and make for a long lasting heirloom that can then be passed down through the generations. This is not something that you will receive if you purchase one from those stores that sell low thread and seam comforters as they are not built to last more than a year or so.
The designs for baby quilts have come a long way since the older days, that much is certain. Thanks to the new materials and all there is no limit to what can appear on a quilt and that means that you will be able to match the quilt that you purchase to the d cor of the home as well as the babys room. This will make a lasting impression on the child and will give them something to hold tight in the night. There is nothing more sweet then to see a small child wrapped in a quilt and sleeping soundly with loving parents nearby. A quilt will provide memories that will last a lifetime and will be cherished by the future generations that will receive the quilt for their children.
Make sure that you demand only the finest in quality and construction when you decide to purchase a quilt. This will insure that you have something that will last and be of the safest materials for your child.
Some very original tropical hand made quilts can be found at http://www.art-ickles.com, which sells unique handicrafts brightly colored with tropical themes. The baby bedding quilts, bumper pads, pillow covers shown in this website are of top quality, 100% hand made with the best American fabrics.