Acne Proactive Solution: Treatment to the Stars

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You may have seen the infomercials featuring stars like Jessica Simpson and Vanessa Williams, but is the science behind the acne treatment Proactiv Solution solid? Is it all sales pitch or does this product really work?
With over one half of adult women and one fourth of adult men experiencing some form of adult acne, it is no longer just a problem associated with adolescence.
Acne occurs when a pore or hair follicle gets clogged with oil and bacteria. As more and more oil enters the follicle from the skin, the pore eventually becomes inflamed and turns into a pimple. Pimples can be whiteheads, or small white lesions below the surface of the skin, or blackheads, formed when the trapped oil and bacteria come to the surface of the skin. Both the whitehead and blackhead are considered non-inflammatory acne. Inflammatory acne can take the form of papules, pustules or cysts. These are more serious forms of acne and may cause scarring.
Acne can occur on the face, neck, shoulders, chest and back. Although your teenager may not believe it, acne is not life threatening, but it can lead to scarring, embarrassment and lack of self confidence. Most doctors agree that acne can’t be cured. Several strong prescription medications are prescribed for the most severe forms of inflammatory acne, but these often have side effects.
As a solution for acne, Proactiv Solution works by helping to clear existing blemishes and stop new ones from forming, The core system is a three step system combining several different medicines to accomplish these goals. Proactive was developed by two dermatologists trained at Stanford University.
First, the benzoyl peroxide in the renewing cleanser gets down into the pores and kills the bacteria residing there. Gentle cleansing grains clear the clogs in the pores and help exfoliate the dead skin cells to prevent future clogs.
Next, the toner helps further open the pores and remove the rest of the dead skin cells. The alcohol free formula is gentle and refreshing and helps balance the skin’s surface.
Finally, the repairing lotion soothes the skin, provides moisture and treats the pores with micro formulated benzoyl peroxide to protect the skin against future breakouts.
Proactiv doesn’t just treat current blemishes, it works to prevent future ones by removing the bacteria and dead skin cells that can accumulate in the pores. Botanical extracts in the formulas leave skin soft and supple without the redness that accompanies most other acne treatments.
It’s gentle, effective formula is unique in the industry, and testimonials from many users attest to its effectiveness. The beginning kit is priced at about $40, so it is not prohibitively expensive, although you must order it from the infomercial or online retailers. It is not available in drugstores.
If you have been suffering with acne, you may want to try Proactiv. Not only will you most likely see an improvement in your skin, you’ll be in the company of stars like P. Diddy and Jessica Simpson!