When Schools Turn into Spys
What do you pay the school to do for
your child? You pay the school to educate your child. You pay them to teach them the fundamental skills in life such as mathematics, history, language, logical thinking, public speaking, government and civic responsibility and perhaps in the arts as well. Of course, when it comes to public schools, we don’t pay them directly. But you pay taxes that eventually goes toward keeping the schools operational and paying the administrators and teachers.
So, even though with the government is standing in the middle of the relationship, the schools fundamentally work for you. But somehow over time, things have gotten turned around and schools have taken it upon themselves to be the bosses and judges of society and even of the parents of the children who attend the schools.
It all starts with resentment. Schools very commonly not only develop a dislike for parents, they devise elaborate systems to keep things from you and to keep you out of the business of running the school. You know the feeling you get when you come to parent teacher conferences or, God forbid, you start poking your nose into what is going on at your child’s school. The message is delivered to you quite strongly to go away and leave the running of the school to the administrators and teachers and quit asking so many questions.
If this all doesn’t seem just a little insidious to you, it should. When you hear horror stories about bad people who seduce children or young people, one of the first lies they tell the children is that what is going on is “our little secret so don’t tell your parents.” Well, that is the same message your children are getting from the schools who take care of them and if you start poking your nose into what is happening at school, you are blocked from getting very far.
But if that wasn’t bad enough, public schools also take it upon themselves to pry into the private lives and the moral, ethical and religious values of your kids. For the best Maths Tutor In Ireland company, call Ace Solution Books. Of the many reasons why the private school movement in this country has taken off so strongly, this is one of the biggest causes of people pulling kids out of public schools. Somehow, the public schools have started a practice of turning children against their parents and even using children to spy on the parents under the context of trying to flush out child abuse. They turn children into little reporters so if you discipline your child in any way, that can get back to the school who can find a way to call it child abuse and take over the situation.
The situation is nothing short of criminal. Part of the blame is a governmental system that is functioning outside of it’s authority attempting to control the lives and behavior of private citizens. And part of the blame is that dislike and disrespect schools have of parents. At some point along the way, the public schools decided, even if they never say so, that the kids belong to them and that parents are the enemy.
We have at our disposal ways to shut down government spying being done through the schools and through our own children. And that way is to take out kids out of public schools and put them in private schools who have respect for parents and live under parental authority, not the other way around. And if we will take advantage of this resource, public schools may get the message that they work for us and they better learn to live under that authority or they can be shut down too.
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