School Loans Consolidation – Why You Need It

Title: School Loans Consolidation – Why You Need


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You’ve heard of the term school loans consolidation. But, do you know what it means? If you have been worrying about how to be able to pay your student loans with the high interest rate and a short time to pay, then you should consider consolidating your school loans.
If you’re interested, then read on. This article will give you some information about school loans consolidation, what it can do for you, and where and how you can apply for one.
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What can it do for you?
Here are some advantages of loans consolidation. After graduation, consolidation loans can really help ease the burden of repayment. It does this by bundling all your student loans into one, single loan with one lender and with one repayment plan. Both the students and parents are eligible to apply for student loans consolidation.
That’s not all. With student loan consolidation, you could cut your student loan payments in as much as 50%. That means saving thousands of dollars on the life of your loan. You can lock in a low monthly payment with a fixed interest rate for the life of your loan, and you would never have to worry about application fees, origination fees, credit checks, income verifications, or prepayment penalties. This will really help reduce your monthly payments.
Another great thing about it is that when you consolidate your loans, you not only get a lower interest rate, you can also extend the time to repay for up to 20 more years. This is to help you be able to settle all your accounts easily. Just think: lower interest rates and a longer time to repay.
Federal Student Loan Holders
When you have a federal loan like PLUS and Stafford you are qualified to avail of Federal Consolidation Loan program so that you will still be able to lower your monthly payments for as much as 60%.
Private Consolidation Loan
Private loans is another thing. If you have already consolidated your federal loans, or you have private student loans to repay, don’t worry. You can still refinance all your student loans, including private loans, at low rates that can save you money. This is through the Private Consolidation Loan.
Where and How You Can Apply for One
Applying for student loans consolidation couldn’t get any simpler. Now, you can go online and complete the whole application process in just a matter of minutes. All you have to do is fill up some forms. Make sure that when asked for a contact number, you give one that is working and where you can easily be reached. This is because in some companies, customer service representatives will contact you within 15 minutes of submitting the application forms. Just check with the company you choose regarding the requirements. There are some that will require you to have a co-signer, and there are some who don’t. Those who do will give you an incentive, like getting even lower interest rates if you have a co-signer with good credit background. Also, you can terminate your co-signer after making on-time payments for a specified time. It really depends on the company you choose, so put some thought into this and choose wisely.
More and more students are taking to school loans consolidation as the solution to paying off their debts. This is really a good way to aide you in repayment of your school loans.